Getting Personal

Getting Personal

Hey there, fashionistas and trendsetters! It's your fellow style enthusiast, Olivia, and I'm thrilled to be back on the blog to chat about something we 20-somethings are all about: personal style. Whether you're still in college, navigating the early stages of your career or "settling" down with your Hubby and little babies (like me), 'Getting Personal' with your wardrobe is all about embracing your true fashion sense. So, grab your coffee, a hot tea or your favorite avocado toast (we millennials can't resist!) and let's dive in.

1. Defining Your Signature Style

In your 20s, you're probably still in the process of figuring out your signature style, and that's perfectly okay. This is the age where experimentation is key, when it comes to your wardrobe. From chic streetwear to timeless classics, your style is ever-evolving. So, why not enjoy the ride?

The boutique scene is perfect for us because it offers a curated selection of unique pieces. Take your time to explore various aesthetics and find what resonates with you. At Risen Rose, we will have a wide range of options to help you experiment and discover your personal style.

2. Thrifting and Vintage Finds

One thing I've learned as a 23-year-old fashion enthusiast is that vintage and thrift shopping are treasure troves of unique pieces. I mean it! Most pieces in my closet right now are thrifted gems. You can find clothing with history, character, and that distinct '90s or '00s vibe that's making a comeback. The thrill of scoring a vintage gem is an unparalleled experience. Trust me!

Check out your local thrift stores because you just never know what gems you'll uncover.

3. Mix High and Low Fashion

In your 20s, you're likely working with a budget, but that doesn't mean you can't look like a million bucks. Mixing high-end and affordable pieces is a smart way to get a personalized and unique style. Splurge on a classic designer piece you'll love for years, and complement it with trendy, budget-friendly items. For example, the oh-so-loved Marc Jacobs, The Snapshot crossbody.

I find that creating a personal style that blends the two is not only practical but also a reflection of your resourcefulness.

4. Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

One thing I've learned is that your style truly shines when you wear it with confidence. So, no matter what you choose, rock it with self-assuredness. Confidence is the best accessory you can wear at 20 and beyond.

Getting Personal with your style is a journey of finding your true fashion. Embrace your youth, try a new piece you'd never thought to wear before, and have fun with your wardrobe.Β 

Stay tuned for more fashion tips and inspiration here at Risen Rose. Until next time, keep slaying your unique style, my fellow 20-somethings! πŸ˜ŽπŸ›οΈπŸ’ƒ

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