About Us


Hi. I'm Olivia

The face behind Risen Rose boutique. I've always had a soft spot for style & fashion, but what really drives me is making people feel good about themselves. This place is all about real, everyday style - nothing too fancy or intimidating. I handpick every piece in our collections, and my goal is to help you find clothes that make you look and, more importantly, feel amazing. So, swing by, have a chat, and let's make finding that perfect outfit a breeze. Can't wait to meet you!

Our Story

Hey, everyone! I'm Olivia and am thrilled to introduce myself as the owner of Risen Rose. In addition to being a wife and a mom of two wonderful kids, I'm a hair stylist and lash artist with a passion for fashion and a heart for helping others discover and express their unique style.

-The Juggling Act-

Life for me is a beautiful juggling act, balancing the roles of a loving wife and a devoted mom. My two little ones keep me on my toes, and I cherish every moment with them. In the midst of this joyful chaos, I've also been pursuing my career as a hair stylist, where I've learned the transformative power of personal style and confidence.

-A Love for Fashion-

My fascination with fashion goes beyond just clothing. It's about helping people feel their best and most confident selves. As a stylist, I've seen how the right outfit can boost someone's confidence and bring out their unique personality. This led me to curate carefully selected pieces that reflect my own love for fashion and my desire to help others discover their individual style.

-Curated with Care-

At Risen Rose, I personally curate every piece with love and attention to detail. I choose items that I believe will not only make you look fabulous but also feel comfortable and empowered. It's about embracing your own style, whether it's a quick and easy mom-chic look, something elegant for a special date night, or an everyday ensemble that makes you feel fantastic.

-A Community of Style-

I've created this boutique as a welcoming space for people who, like me, are juggling multiple roles and who appreciate the magic of fashion. I hope to foster a community where you can share your style journey, get inspiration, and discover the perfect pieces that resonate with you.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with me. Whether you're a fellow mom, a fashion enthusiast, or someone just looking to add a little more style to your life, I'm here to support and inspire you every step of the way.

With heartfelt warmth,

Risen Rose